[ 02.05.2014 - 10:49 ]

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On Friday 2 May, I was in the Philippines, to dive at a site called First. I entered the water at 18:49 with Ramil, Philippine. With start the dive with a nice big stellate puffer, and an octopus that was hiding itself as much as it could, using one of its arms as a protection.

Hawaii turtle 2

Every turtle we see seems to have a minimum of two green remoras on its back. I found only one species of remora, which I thought to be grey with black and white stripes, so I'm guessing they can adjust their color to their host, just like so many underwater creatures.

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A white pipefish is always nice to observe, and for some reason, they look more interesting to me than the other ones.

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The dive ended with another octopus, a white one, that was kind of mimicking some animals even though its not a mimic octopus. It was really beautiful, with its white robe and golden eyes.

I had an awesome dive, and it was a smooth ride. I saw a lot of life down there, the place is pristine and there's no one else.

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May the fish be with you