Wakatobi is located at the world’s epicenter of coral reef biodiversity and is designated a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve. This means that while diving at Wakatobi you can see the greatest variety and diversity of marine life. You’ll not only see beautiful vistas or pristine coral reefs, but also abundant colorful reef fish and rare and unusual cryptic ‘critters’.

13 dive sites

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  • Wakatobi House Reef
  • Turkey Beach
  • Conchita
  • The Zoo
  • Barracuda
  • Usuku Top
  • Usuku Selata
  • Tanjung Patok
  • Dunia Baru
  • Waitii Ridge
  • Table Coral City
  • Teluk Waitii
  • Allegra's Wall

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    Wakatobi Dive Resort

    Wakatobi is a luxury dive resort in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. In a tranquil island setting far from crowds and cities, with no other divers for at least 100 miles, Wakatobi seamlessly blends five-star amenities and civilized comforts with a pristine natural environment; a pairing that has secured its reputation as one of the world’s finest resorts.

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