Basking Shark Scotland

Guide of basking sharks and temperate water species of the North Atlantic, specifically around the Hebridean Isles of Scotland. For tours and expeditions please

10 dive sites

Accessible in your logbook when you log a dive.

  • Basking Shark Hotspot
  • Coll Pier
  • S.S Tapti
  • Cairns of Coll
  • Fingal's Cave
  • Treshnish Isles
  • S.S Breda
  • Falls of Lora
  • Garvellachs
  • Loch Creran

36 species

To identify the species you saw more easily.

  • Minke Whale
  • Common Dolphin
  • Patella Pellucida
  • Purple Sunstar
  • Orange Clubbed Sea Slug
  • European Pollock
  • Fourline Nudibranch
  • Oarweed
  • Common Sea Urchin
  • European Spiny Lobster
  • Sand Goby
  • Cloned Plumose Anemone
  • Thornback Ray
  • Tubeworm
  • Northern Sea Fan
  • Lesser Spotted Catshark
  • Fireworks Anemone
  • Dead Man's Fingers
  • Grasswrack
  • Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Spinous Squad Lobster
  • Grey Seal
  • Dahlia Anemone
  • Common Seal
  • Basking Shark
  • Langoustine
  • Gray Sea Eagle
  • Ballan Wrasse
  • Lion's Mane Jellyfish
  • Common Hermit Crab
  • Rugose Squat Lobster
  • Killer Whale
  • Striped Flabellina
  • Ocean Sunfish
  • Atlantic Puffin
  • Snowflake Star

51 photos

Use them to illustrate your Tortuba logbook and keep nice memories.

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Basking Shark Scotland

Basking Shark Scotland runs boat tours from April to October, in the crystal blue waters of the Inner Hebrides. Spend one, two, three or four days, or a whole week, exploring a recognised basking shark hotspot, taking in a huge variety of sea life and wildlife, geological wonders and more. Choose the thrill of swimming with the sharks, or watching them from the boat. With a high powered, fast vessel that can cover a lot of ocean miles, we offer the best chances of seeing these gentle giants in the wild. We offer snorkelling and free-diving wildlife encounters with basking sharks along with scuba diving from Oban and expeditions to the Hebridean Isles which have a wealth of temperate marine life. There are many shipwrecks here along with caves and volcanic geology to explore. Our cultural heritage is rich and along with our whisky the welcome is warm!

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May the fish be with you