Zebrashark tee

  • Back

    On the back is our playful interpretation of the name Zebra shark.

    Is it more of a zebra or more of a shark? Ask people what they think about it!

  • Side

    The right side features the pattern of a real zebra shark.

    Their pattern evolve during their lives, starting with stripes and ending with dots. This one is in between, a mid-aged zebra shark.

  • Front

    Our shirts are manufactured by Gingko Vietnam; we picked them because of their high quality standards and their eco-friendly production process.

  • Real

    Photo credits zebrashark: Liné1

100% vegan, he's the only shark to really follow "Fish are friends, not food". He lives far far away, but if you ever encounter it, it can be tamed with a fresh glass of carrot juice.

Zebra sharks are considered vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Why those t-shirts?

Everything we do is focused on one thing: help you make people talk about the Ocean, wonder about it, and care about it.

Our line of Fishwear is meant to be fun and comfortable to wear, but will also make people wonder about those strange creatures and patterns you bear.

May the fish be with you