Guess which nudi?
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  • Guess which nudis

    "Guess who?" is a guessing game we used to play when we were children, but it's also quite similar to what divers do when they are back on the boat: "you know, a little fish with red and green colors, round, do you know what it is?"

  • Guess who game

    Check that you have a recent version of the game, with movable boards. You can buy it online easily.

    Print the boards. You can use regular paper and put them above the boards that come with the game, or send it to your local print shop and use thicker paper (3 to 5mm).


We imagined this animation for the 2015 Paris International Dive Show and crafted 2 boards with sea slugs that we called "Guess which nudi?" (even though it features more than just nudibranchs).

Given the success, we decided to give those away for you to play with, and to work on new boards.

May the fish be with you